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Over 25 Small Business Owners and Social Media Strategists share how to use YouTube for Business successfully! 

Using YouTube for business marketing doesn’t need to be as complicated as many may make it out to be.  As you’ll read from several of the entrepreneurs below, it comes down to just starting and improving as you grow.  

Look at the story of Gary Vaynerchuk the creator of Wine Library TV. Back in 2006 Gary started a series of videos that took his parents liquor store from doing a couple million in sales annually to over $45 Million a year.  The first episode back in 2006 started off basic (but informative) and progressed over the years to be amazing by the 1000th episode in 2011. Always remember that Imperfect Action beats Perfect Inaction! Watch movie online Rings (2017)

The opportunities of what you can do with a YouTube business account are endless and tied in with your Facebook for business marketing strategy, you’ve got a winning marketing plan. YouTube videos embedded in Facebook posts have tremendous engagement and also when you share video’s on Twitter. 

YouTube can be used for how-to demos, answering customers frequently asked questions, sharing tips or tricks, customer reviews and so much more.  The great thing about using video is it doesn’t have to be long, as a matter of fact videos under 3 minutes perform better than videos longer than that.  

If you own a restaurant, you can share  a famous recipe weekly, cleaning companies can share cleaning tips, gyms can share work outs you can do at home, a handyman can show how to fix something, dentist can share health tips and the list goes on. Weekly in my cleaning company I use to share a cleaning tip and our local company dominated page one results for Google search. Our  videos weren’t anything special but got us appointments.  

Below you’ll read over 25 different suggestions, tips and ways other small business owners are using YouTube to rock business.  If you’re looking for a creative way to get more customers, increase sales and earn more money, YouTube might be the answer your business was looking for! 

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Suzanne Casamento | Founder | Fantasy Dating

I had great success with a youtube video. As an entrepreneur, it’s not easy to go viral, but I think the best chances are via video. It worked for me. I wrote a script and pulled favors from some of my friends in production and shot, “Will You Share the Dare?” The video shows two girls playing my dating game, Fantasy Dating. Here’s my advice:

  1. Create excellent content. You can’t just shoot a selfie video about your product and expect it to go viral. Your video must be quality content that is well written, well acted and well shot.
  2. Devise a social media plan. The chances of people finding your video are slim, so you really need to plan how you will promote it. All 16 people who worked on “Will You Share the Dare?” shared it on Facebook. The name and the fact that it was funny prompted other people to share it. We got 10,000 shares from Facebook alone.  I also used Hootsuite to individually tweet every follower I’d established a relationship with, asking, “Will YOU Share the Dare?” They did. We also pinned, stumbled and google+ the video.
  3. Time your release. We launched our video right before Valentine’s Day, when people get super depressed about their lack of a love life. Because of the time of year, we got 18,000 views in 72 hours.
  4. Maximize your exposure. Social media multiplies. Let media outlets know about your business and about your successes. Because the video got so many views so quickly and because of the holiday, Radar Online did an exclusive on Fantasy Dating and the video.

As a result, traffic increased and we got tons of new players.

Gina Storr | Social Media & Online Business Specialist | Gina Storr

10 Easy Tips for Using YouTube To Grow Your business.

  1. Customize Your Channel: It is worth every minute to take the time to customize and brand your YouTube channel. Your YouTube channel should be a representation of your brand and character. But remember, people are drawn to watch videos that are easy to follow, just for fun or completely unpredictable. Videos should be something that your audience will identify with but walk away with a memorable experience. If not, you won’t go very far with YouTube and video.
  2. Optimize Your Channel: Optimizing your YouTube channel is an often overlooked step when setting up a YouTube channel. You should think of your YouTube channel as if it is just another webpage and should be optimized as such. Use every opportunity to add your URL, describe your channel and business, including the keywords that you have selected for your business and niche.
  3. Do Niche Research: Before creating and uploading any videos on YouTube, just type the keyword of your niche or video content in the search box to see what’s already there. This is a great way to find ideas for your next video. Remember to consider what is missing and not just what is already there.
  4. Consider Using Music: Remember, music is a universal language and you can always find some to match your brand personality and, it can add a lot to your videos. Even if there is someone talking in the video, music can change the way viewers look at you, your videos, and your product. But, just like any other form of content you need the permission of the artist to use it so be sure it is royalty free music which you can find on sites like
  5. Use Annotations: YouTube has a great overlooked tool, YouTube annotations. Use this feature to get creative. One out-of-the-box idea I learned about way back when is that you can when you use “Don’t Click here” as annotation text, when people watch your videos, they often want to click on it despite the message not to. Go figure! You can also use the “Don’t click here” annotation to your channel or any of your videos. The greater number of clicks on an annotation, the more likely that video will be selected for the “Related videos” that show when someone watches the selected video. Warning: never use annotation features for spamming as users may dislike or flag your video.
  6. Connect To Other Online Spaces: Add your website and Facebook link in the description of the YouTube videos. Remember, to make it a clickable link, it should start with http:// not just as www. e.g. vs.
  7. Title Attraction: Adding the words “Exclusive” or “Leaked videos” in the title of your video will result in more views. Naturally, only when it makes sense and not in every video.
  8. Use Playlists: Group your videos using the Playlist feature to make it easier for your viewers to find like videos. An added benefit is that you can embed an entire playlist into you website content, and viewers can do the same.
  9. Call To Action: Also include a call to action in a few places and especially at the end of your video. Tell your viewers what you want them to do and how to do it. e.g. add your comments below; join us on Facebook etc.
  10. Keep Videos Short: Most people have short attention spans and even when viewing something of interest, prefer to have them in small bites. If your content requires more than 3 – 5 minutes, create a series of videos and include links to the follow-ups in the description of each video for easy access.

Give viewers a reason to stay. Remember, you want viewers to stay and to subscribe to your channel. In addition to your direct competitors, on YouTube, you are also competing with accidental comedians, chubby babies, heart-wrenching tragedies, cute cats, belly-busting accidents, and literally thousands of other tempting videos to watch. So, in addition to making your content compelling you have an opportunity to solidify interested viewers by using the “benefits” intro to describe what they can expect. E.g. “In this video, you will learn, find, hear, see etc . followed by the benefit they will gain by watching the video.

Although this list is not exhaustive and there is a lot more to YouTube, these tips will help you get started using YouTube right away then you can tweak as you go.

Tim White | Artist, Songwriter & Producer | Tim White

We have consulted on marketing campaigns for a number of artists and driven a combined 82 Millions views to our clients.

Our biggest focus is capturing leads. If someone watches our videos that’s a highly targeted and FREE lead. But ONLY if you capture them. Most people’s call to action is subscribe to the channel. But honestly that isn’t worth much.

Instead you should get their email address. You can email them links to all of your new videos anyway. Put together a free gift. It can be an info PDF, or another piece of free content (we usually have our artists giveaway songs). Make sure the first link in your description is that link (so you don’t have to click “read more” to see it). That link should go to a landing page where they can enter their email in exchange for your free gift. Put an annotation with a link at the bottom of your video and make a call to action at the end of the videos. Then in your follow up email, you can send them a link to another video and ask them to subscribe to your channel.

You’ll get more engagement then just having them subscribe and if you know how to monetize a list that email should be worth at least $100/year to you. A Subscriber is worth just a few cents.

Adam Schleichkorn | Video Project Manager | Driven Local

I  have a pretty unique story, as I was the first Youtuber to appear on National News, back in 2007 for a video titled “Fence Plowing”. I was interviewed by 20/20, FOXnews, ABC News, the NY Times, and many others, at a time where people still really couldn’t even fully grasp what Youtube actually was.

That then lead me to being in one of the first groups of creators to be accepted into Youtube’s “Partner Program”. Shortly thereafter, I had 2 videos featured on Youtube’s main page, then an additional 15-20 featured on the category pages, and I started generating enough revenue to become a full-time Youtuber.

I have a combined total of over 20,000 subscribers, over 50 Million views (on Youtube, 100 Million+ across the web), and at my height was receiving around 50,000 views a day. I was doing this full-time for years, until the dreaded algorithm change a few years ago, which destroyed mid-range partners. The fact that Youtube also shelled out $200 Million to various companies to produce content lead them to favor their investments, so I had no choice but to move on.

Today I work with small businesses on a daily basis to grow their Youtube presence, which increases their SEO, and gives them additional avenues to be found on the web.

The main strategy behind all the Youtube campaigns is something that most creators overlook… Engaging content.

The Long Island market is flooded with generic small business videos, where a business owner speaks directly to the camera. There is definitely a place for these, but if that is all they offer, it’s tough to stand out from the competition. I recommend for all of our clients to think outside the box, or at least allow us to when creating videos for them. I know that sounds cliche, but due to the over-saturation of content nowadays, it’s absolutely essential. Our company just rolled out a new service of animated videos, which helps do a much better job of getting a company’s message across, plus increases the chances that someone will actually watch the video, which as we know, is the most important thing. After all of these years, many people are becoming much more Youtube-savvy, so one of the original tactics since the site’s inception is still very much in play, the video’s stillshot.

Besides that, there is no set format for running a campaign, which is another mistake most companies fall victim of. Every company is different, and I recommend to anyone attempting to get into this field, that these campaigns must be created from the ground up, and tailored directly to a company’s needs. Some clients want more clicks to their website, while some just want an increased video presence, so the plan must be created accordingly.

Laura G. Jones | Life Coach | Laura G. Jones

I  focus on coaching people through their fear of failure, and I see this excuse come up a lot when discussing YouTube: “But I hate hearing/seeing myself on video, and I stink at speaking in public. I’m worried my videos will be terrible and I will get a lot of criticism (and no clients) from them.”

My answer to that is always “you won’t know until you try.” But here are three things you should keep in mind if you’re wondering “Should I still try YouTube even though I am an introvert/hate speaking in front of people?”

You don’t owe it to yourself to succeed. You owe it to yourself to try.

You might do a few videos and discover that you’re really good at this and that YouTube really works for you and your audience. Or you might try it and discover that you hate doing it. You have no way of knowing what the future will bring. But one thing is for sure: you have something that can benefit people, and if you don’t give it a serious try (not a self-sabotaged try full of excuses) you’ll never know how much YouTube videos could grow your business.

Tweaking doesn’t mean failing

My first video was tinny, pixelated, and I was a nervous, sweaty mess. Going forward, I tweaked my environment, the video format, and my own skills. Over time, I got to the point where I could be completely genuine in front of the camera – and that’s when I got the most positive feedback. Don’t be afraid to tweak – you’re learning! This is a work in progress and you will constantly be changing something or another about it. Otherwise you would never improve.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, either. Ironically enough, the best feedback I received was when I was wearing next to no make-up and I thought I looked like a zombie – it turns out people care less about what you look like and more about feeling like you’re genuinely sharing a part of you with them and helping them out. Go figure.

Do your research – and it’s not the one you think.

You can read a ton of articles online about how to do great video – but you can get the best lessons by watching and “stealing” from other people who do it well. So go on YouTube and watch videos from your favorite companies in various fields – the ones you connect to, feel entertained AND educated by. Study their videos as if you were getting ready to do a remake of theirs.

As you keep doing this, you’ll start to see patterns and form your own opinions of what works and what doesn’t based on how you feel about it (and if you’ve done your market research you’ll know how your client would feel about it too). That will be the most helpful research you can do for planning your YouTube videos.

Jonathan Ohayon | COO | Brilliance 

Here’s 1 way how small business owners can jump on YouTube to help their business grow.

Conduct a weekly YouTube Q & A video series, where you post common questions from customers and spend time answering these questions in the video. You can also ask viewers to comment in each week’s video with questions that they would like answered in the next week’s video!

This is a great way to connect with customers and further market your business!

Shereen Faltas | Founder | Awaken The Rebel

Just be yourself. Be your quirky real self that actually has a personality.

I find that often times when people know the camera is rolling they freeze up and try to act formal or perfect. This makes videos heinously boring to watch. If you let your real personality come through it becomes more like you are having a conversation with someone across the table over a cup of coffee.

So when the record button is hit try to act as natural as you would in person over a cup of coffee with a friend and your video will be MUCH more dynamic.

Emily Williamson | Marketing Coordinator |Rainier Health & Fitness

The Rainier Health & Fitness YouTube channel features weekly #WorkoutWednesday how-to videos of trainers demonstrating how to do different exercises and use our gym equipment. This helps members and prospects view us as experts in the subject of workouts (in fact, all of our personal trainers are at maximum capacity with 15 more on a waiting list).

We’ve also used YouTube to post interviews (Meet Patrick: RHF Trainer, for example) for members to get to know us and for fun pieces, such as one of the team doing a CrossFit workout together.

Neil Kristianson | Founder | onlySKYartist 

My best tip/advice for small business owners is – Accept the fact that the first videos will be painful to record/watch. But do it anyway. Consistency pays off.  I’ve been making videos online in several different markets for about 5 years now. I just started making weekly videos at the beginning of the year. By being consistent, my videos have gotten dramatically better in just the last 8 weeks. And I’m starting to get more traffic/engagement/interest from sharing these videos on Facebook and other social media.

Ken Boyd | Founder | St. Louis Test Preparation 

I was inspired to start my business, because I thought accounting instruction needed to be improved. 4+ years ago, I noticed that most accounting and finance training videos I saw on You Tube were difficult to follow. Instructors were using white boards or flip charts which were hard to see. I started with powerpoint and excel templates. Over the years, I’ve tried to consistently add video content to You Tube. My channel now has over 320 videos. I’ve slowly built a channel with 1,090,000+ views and over 4,100 subscribers- a good number for an education channel. In April of 2012, a literary agent found my You Tube channel. He was looking for an author for the book Cost Accounting for Dummies. I’m now working on my 3rd Dummies book, with a 4th later in 2014. I also taped a 12-hour, 3-day workshop, based on a referral from my agent. My primary business is tutoring MBA and CPA candidates online- all of which is driven by my You Tube channel.

Some tips about marketing: Video marketing only works if you consistently post content- every week, ideally. There is so much content on the web, that it takes time to get noticed. I also found that providing links to all of my videos- by type- on my website greatly increased my site’s traffic. It also makes searching videos easier for clients and prospects. Video marketing has its limitations. Unless you have the staff to post videos and social media content daily, it’s difficult to get attention. My views (both You Tube, and website) have leveled off in the last year. The challenge for my business is to continue to generate web attention from people who need me. I overcome that challenge if I add useful content to my You Tube channel continually.

I don’t always succeed, but I’ve recognized that roadblock!

Shmuel Hoffman | Owner | EntreFilmmaker

My husband Shmuel Hoffman runs Hoffman Productions, the creative video agency, and the blog entrefilmmaker, where he teaches aspiring video professionals how to make their first $1,000 through video.  Youtube is the #2 search engine in the world, after Google, which owns Youtube, so having videos for your biz on Youtube is pretty darn important. The best way to use Youtube to help grow your business, is to have a promo video that shows who you are and what you do, and to embed this on the homepage on your website. Once you have this in place, create a video with viral content that is related to your business. A good example is that “elephant giving birth to baby elephant that’s not breathing,” a video that was taken and used to promote the sanctuary where the elephant was in captivity. *Think of the videos you’ve shared on Facebook. Come up with a concept that fits what you do, like a clever marriage proposal video for a flower or diamond shop. Then post the video everywhere – on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, and ESPECIALLY via email to your email list. Ask people to share it. If they like it enough, they will!

Danielle Russo-Slugh | Founder | Always Energized

My youtube tip for a small business is to feature short instructional how to clips.  By allowing access to clips of this sort, my clients can learn how to use my products (shake day planning, healthy meal planning, how to do a proper cleanse day) and it can alleviate questions that distract you from doing what you need to accomplish.These clips are to inform, educate and most importantly INSPIRE people to follow our system to receive maximum benefits.

Elena Ruchko | Marketing Assistant | Promodo 

Video is definitely a channel the businesses should focus marketing efforts on. As the amount of information grows, users tend to favor more visuals which are easy to perceive and entertaining at the same time. There are several ways to turn even boring products or services in something interesting. First, you can move the focus from the product itself to the lifestyle of people, who consume it. Fizzy drinks producers always show the easy and casual lifestyle of young people who spend their time drinking Pepsi or Fanta. Next thing is that it is possible to create a main character featured in all the videos who at the same time will become a symbol of your brand and will make it more recognizable. Check how Agilent Technologies did it in its You Tube videos here!  No budget for filming a video at all? You can crowdsource it. Russian mobile operator Beeline created global ringtone by collecting sounds from famous places from all over the world.

Finally, there is a frequent opportunity to make a product review, it is always possible to add more life to it and move away from standard cliché. Gary Vaynerchuk’s Wine Library is a good example of it.  Little search optimization will be helpful as well. When uploading video to YouTube, check YouTube keyword tool for the best word combination. When you find such, make sure to employ them in your video title and tags.

Shawn M. Miller | CEO | Shawn Miller

We are using Google Hangouts simulcast and recorded on YouTube, embedded within a WordPress site and primarily interviewing our top clients to demonstrate our Case Study based value feedback and also to feature and pump-up our best performing clients. This tactic does an awesome job of positioning you as the expert/guru, demonstrating the powerful influence you have on your clients success or results in dealing with their problems, and makes content creation easy and fun! See New Guro Model  as a great example. We’ve also done Hangouts LIVE from events and featured our clients and prospects right in the Hangouts.  This is easy to do and powerfully demonstrates what we do in business in a very real and an authentic way that really stands out from the sea of sameness.  Google LOVES the embedded YouTube feed of fresh content which is an added SEO bonus for your site.  I highly recommend the use of Hangouts and YouTube replay to communicate your unique position in the marketplace and demonstrate your top clients as Case Studies via interviews. We’re also using 22Social to feed that YouTube ‘signal’ into Facebook to multiply the effect.

Dave Gardner | President | Barefoot Enterprises 

One of the biggest things that a business can do is to get the viewer back to a page where you can collect their information. Be sure to place a link to not only your website or opt in page, but also put a link to the video being posted as well so that if someone embeds your video, they should be bringing the content with it.  Also, be sure to provide some quality content in the description that can show up with key words to help the SEO, or search engine optimization of the video. As Google owns Youtube, they will be seeking and wanting to put related videos into the organic search, which can bring people to your video and ultimately to your site where they can opt in.

Callie Malvik | Inbound Marketing Specialist | Collegis Education

One simple tip that any small business owner can benefit from is to annotate your videos. This is easy to implement and can help move your customers down the buying funnel. I’ve seen tremendous success as a result of annotating the videos of one of our clients-Rasmussen College. In just three months, we’ve seen a 430% increase in traffic sent from YouTube to their website.The key to achieving that level of success is to ensure your annotations include links to content that compliments the content of the video. What we did with Rasmussen College is link to blog posts that are directly related to the video topics.  As you’re deciding what to include in your annotations, ask yourself what the viewer would be looking for next. For example, if you’re annotating a video about “Careers with a Marketing Degree, it would make sense to add an annotation saying “Click to Learn the Need-to-Knows of a Future Marketer” and linking out to that article.  By doing this you are answering and providing your customers the information they are seeking while escorting them to your website, leading them one step closer to the purchasing stage.

For something that takes merely minutes to implement, this tactic has tremendous potential for any small business!

Romain Damery | Digital Marketing Strategist | Path Interactive 

Here are some tips to leverage for better YouTube marketing:

  • Use the YouTube Keyword Tool to find keywords/ ideas to describe your video (in the title or the description)
  • Use video annotations and a call to action at the end of your video
  • Use http:// in front of the URLs you may share in the description area (it will make the links clickable)
  • Insert your URLs at the top of your video description (so viewers don’t have to click on “Show more” to click through to your site)
  • Publish links to your most valuable pages in the About section of your YouTube channel or profile to help with SEO using rich keywords (the terms who wish to rank better for) in the anchor text (the clickable part of the link)

Brad Hines | Digital Marketing & Internet Strategist | Brad Ford Hines

I just wanted to share that there are a few often overlooked ways to share a YouTube video. The videos all have an “embed” function, if you go to “share” section in the lower right corner of the video window. This function allows a user to seamlessly blend a video into a blog post, you can even custom make the size. Pinterest is a great website for getting traction on videos, I have been getting traffic still on videos I pinned over a year ago. Other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter don’t have a shelf life of a post anywhere near like that.  One of my tips for clients and their YouTube videos is to spend a lot of time on your format, the branding that is, and stick with it. Invest in a good intro, music stings and lead-ins, and a close that is short and sweet. Don’t change it.

Walter Wimberly | Owner | Walt Design & Development

There are two things that I use, and tell people to do which helps increase engagement, and drive traffic to my website.First, is make sure to include an annotation, which will allow someone to easily subscribe to your YouTube channel – increasing the chances of them seeing new content from you. Personally, I use Spotlight. The second thing I recommend is including a link in your description to your website. Specifically, a page that is relevant to your video. I get traffic to my website every day from this technique. This increases the chances of them purchasing something from me, because they will now have an easy way to contact me.

Deborah Sweeney | CEO | MyCorporation

We recently started experimenting with animation in our videos, which wasn’t really something we ever tried before. And while we haven’t exactly become YouTube famous, our animated video has seen a much better response that our live action videos.

Animated videos just seem to feel less scripted than a live video, and they allow you the freedom to include scenes and tropes that resonate with the audience but would seem cheesy if not animated.

Jon Clark | Founder | Fuze SEO

Here are a couple of YouTube tips for small business owners:

  • Don’t forget to promote your YouTube channel / video on your website or blog. Another great cross-promotion technique is to simply add a link in your e-mail signature. These simple strategies can help drive supplemental traffic and exposure for your video content.
  • “How-To” Videos are perhaps the best overall strategy for SEO and viral marketing. You’ll hear this advice over and over again in regards to writing catchy blog titles. The same holds true for YouTube videos. To really drive traffic, consider building out a specific “How-To” YouTube channel for your niche or product.
  • One of the hardest things is finding what types of content will resonate with YouTube visitors. Luckily, YouTube has provided a keyword research tool that will help with the process. Simply select your preferred language and country and then type in one or more keyword phrases. The tool will show you a number of keyword / topic recommendations based on your settings.

Lori Osterberg | Founder | Vision Business Concepts Inc. 

YouTube is a social media tool, and with every social media tool, you should have a long term plan in place before you begin. Why are you doing it? What are you sharing? What do you hope to accomplish? If you define your plan first, your results are easier to achieve then if you simply stick up a random video from time to time.  I realized early on that while some people like reading my content, others liked watching. So while I love to write, I also want to develop relationships with my followers and give them access to content in more than one way. I created an extension of my blog as its own TV channel, and include weekly tips there as well. Then I include both in a weekly ezine so my followers can choose how to follow me and what type of information they like best.  While I use a basic video camera, I would highly recommend use an  external microphone that you can clip to your shirt. A microphone makes all the difference, and you can easily pick one up for under $100.  

Merrick Porcheddu | General Manager | Common Desk

We launched in Nov 2012 and spent a large part of 2013 on social marketing to get people into our space. We never thought about YOUTUBE until we were researching ourselves on Google and found out we weren’t even ranking on the 3rd page! So we adapted to everything Google – got on Google + and instead of using Vimeo, we went the YouTube route, since it was owned by Google, we thought, “hey why not?”

We did a YouTube series of videos to promote the space.

When we did, we immediately started ranking on the first page of Google searches, including google searching “Dallas coworking” – now we hold the #1 spot, largely to thank our YouTube channel.

Anytime people come into our space (we are fully packed with people now 1.5 years later & about to expand for the second time) they always say, “Oh you are the girl in those videos!”

This year we are doing a new video series, in which we will be doing 10 new videos, in preparation for next expansion at the first of next year.

Patrick Barnhill | Owner | Specialist ID

I can’t tell you how many notes we get thanking us for having a video showing how the products actually look and function in context. Online, if there are any doubts about a products ability to solve your customers problem, will result in a bounce. Video helps clearly show whether it is the item they need or not. Tip #1: Get straight to the point. Forget about the 45 second intro spinning your logo. Answer the questions your customers would have, especially those that would make them reluctant to buy online as quickly as possible. Don’t make them search the video for the information they need.  Tip #2: Invest in a decent microphone, lights and backdrop. With a few inexpensive items, you can really make your video look pro. All it takes is a few lights, an external microphone a backdrop and a decent camera. You would be surprised how good lighting and an OK camera can look better than a great camera and poor lighting. Search how to create the “infinite white” effect and see how it looks for your videos. If you need a bit more of a dramatic effect, try “Infinite black.”

Kevin Jordan | Owner | Redpoint Marketing Consultants

When you set up your YouTube channel, be sure to add your website as an associated website so that you can put clickable links to your website right in your YouTube videos. To add an associated website, navigate to your “Channel Settings” page and click on “Advanced”, and follow the instructions for adding and verifying your website. Once you have completed that process, you can add clickable links to your YouTube videos by using annotations.

For example, if you have a call-to-action at the end of a video directing people to a landing page where they can download an ebook, sign up for a newsletter, etc, you can actually have a link in the video that people can click, vs simply displaying the URL in the video

Salman Aslam | CMO | Omnicore

Youtube is an excellent traffic source alongside Twitter and Pinterest and we recommend our clients to invest in video marketing to leverage that channel.  There are three tips that I would like to share with your audience:

  1. Use a HD Camera for recording your video and better yet hire a professional videographer because videos can send out a really strong message about your business and yourself as an individual with whom people would like to work with and this is a no brainer. Check out Entrepreneur On Fire and their video on the homepage.
  2. Use Video Thumbnails: These are the keys to a higher click through rate and eventually more views and engagement on your videos.
  3. Use Youtube Keyword Tool: This is something not many people know about or use when uploading their videos. You can use this to find out what keyword and phrases are being searched inside Facebook which you can use in your titles that will help you rank higher for those keywords.

Bonus Tip: Build links to your videos, just like a website Youtube has On-Page and Off-Page factors and while you can rank high inside Youtube by getting those views, you are still missing out on Organic search traffic by not ranking your video on First page of Google.

Now, are you ready to use YouTube for Business?

YouTube for Business