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Listening to successful entrepreneurs Chris Brogan & Gary Vaynerchuk talk in this attached YouTube video, I wanted to share 6 observations.

Anthony Robbins often discusses that people don’t become successful by chance.  He recommends that to become successful faster, find another person successful, learn their beliefs and model them.

Listening to this interview many observations stood out about why these 2 are successful entrepreneurs and why I believe you should model these 6 observations.

Love the Climb 

No doubt entrepreneurs love money, but it goes much further than just loving and wanting the dollar. You need to enjoy the climb each and every day.

Lesson: Hustle comes before Greatness. Make sure you enjoy the climb or reevaluate what you’re doing.

Be Grateful

Truly successful entrepreneurs are grateful for what they have, but aren’t envious or upset of what others have. Winners Cyrusare happy to see others succeed and it drives them to work even harder.  T. Harv Eker shares in “Secretes of the Millionaire Mind“: Rich people admire other rich and successful people. Poor people resent rich and successful people.  If you’re looking to become a successful business owner, learn to appreciate others successes and let it drive you to work harder.

Few months back Gary sent out a tweet that they were moving and were going to need to furnish a new office. I was part owner in an office supply online store so I wanted to help. 

Listen to what happened and the power of Twitter. I’m still confused slightly but take a look at this tweet:

Sincerely I wanted to help Gary’s office out since I’m grateful for all he’s done for entrepreneurs. So I sent a reply Tweet back that my cost is his cost.  He asked me to send an email and ended up putting me in touch with AJ his brother. One email exchanged and no further communication……but the following week multiple orders started coming through our website for office supplies. He never took the discount, he just ordered. I’ve since sold the company to my partner, but to this day I can only assume he just wants to see others succeed also.

Lesson: Always show gratefulness. Appreciate others successes and let it drive you.

Always be Hustling

You’ll notice this interview with Gary and Chris is being done on a Sunday evening at 8 PM. Both of them are busy business owners, family men and most importantly fathers. This doesn’t stop them from putting in the hustle.

You’ll hear them mention during their discussion that if you want to have the biggest building in town you can tear down your competitors or just build one bigger.  The majority of successful business owners I know are always hustling and at the same time extending a hand to other newbie entrepreneurs to help.

Lesson: You can have results or excuses.  We all have the same 24 hours, you choose how you use yours.

Always Show Presence

Politics aside one of the reasons President Clinton had such a high popularity was both sides said he always made people feel welcomed. He always had eye contact, remembered names, showed empathy when listening to people and always asked for feedback.

I met Chris Brogan at Agents of Change conference in Maine a few weeks back.  Not only did Chris give an amazing talk, he stayed at the conference all day talking with people. Rarely do you see speakers do what Chris did all day and listening to him interact was tremendous. The night before I bumped into him at a restaurant while I was eating with my family.  In introducing everyone he took time to ask each of my children their names and acknowledged each of them.

Lesson: Are you always giving everyone your Presence when speaking with them?

Be Motivators

AuthenticGreat business owners are motivators. They make others around them feel great and inspired.  I witnessed this watching Chris Brogan at Agents of Change and the way he had fun with everyone.

I also saw this watching Gary Vaynerchuk’s employees at an event in NY where Gary spoke.  First I’ve attached a 2 minute video where Gary made my daughter feel so special, but more interesting was watching the way Gary’s employees acted that evening.  Employees can really say a lot about the employer by the way they act. Each of his employees all night were so happy, fun to be around, encouraging and so proud of their boss.

Lesson: Success is about building up those around you.  “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” Albert Einstein

Be Your Authentic Self

Be your authentic self.  There’s only one Chris Brogan, only one Gary Vaynerchuk and only one you.  You’ll hear them mention find your medium, your platform you want to be on & a platform you’re able to shine on. 

I recently shared a video from Seth Godin in 2008 that is even more important today that you can’t chase everything that everyone else is doing. Find where you’re strong and be the strongest there.

Lesson: Back to the top with Tony Robbins suggestion of modeling someones beliefs whose already successful to achieve success fast…..but be authentic & be original! 

Check out Chris Brogans digital magazine and Gary Vaynerchuks daily interviews.

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