In our awesome entrepreneurial world of low cost business ideas, the leather cleaning business is a solid opportunity that can be started as a part-time business earning you $250 – $500 per hour.

Leather Cleaning BusinessOver 30% of homes and offices have leather furniture.  You also have car interiors, planes and RV’s that also have leather that needs to be cleaned.  The leather cleaning business is huge and a market that isn’t fully tapped.  People are fast at starting a cleaning business, carpet cleaning business or janitorial cleaning company, though the niche of leather cleaning is screaming for entrepreneurs.

Currently there are over 20,000 carpet cleaning companies in the United States and it’s over a $3 Billion dollar market.  The number though is small compared to the number of cleaning companies.  Niche cleaning businesses have been exploding.  Tile & Grout cleaning companies are growing, blind cleaning businesses, chandelier cleaning and many other niche cleaning type businesses. The leather cleaning business though has such a small number of business owners, leaving big opportunities.

Leather cleaning is young, not hard to learn and a service in demand for homeowners, offices and automobile owners.

The average leather cleaning professional is earning between $250-$500 per hour and the overhead is virtually nothing.  The supplies can be purchased for under $100 and marketing expenses to generate business doesn’t have to cost anything.

Lets go through this step-by-step!

The initial leather cleaning supplies can be purchased online via Amazon.  You’ll want a cleaner, some delicate cloths like microfiber, a sponge to apply the cleaner and a protector to put on once cleaned.  The Leather Master line of cleaning supplies found clicking here is popular, works great and won’t damage.

Learning how to clean leather can be done by spending an hour or so on YouTube and next getting out and practicing.  Leather Master has a great line of demo video’s that can teach you enough to start cleaning once you’re finished watching.  You can watch the video’s by clicking here to watch on YouTube.

To learn more you can also take  a local course to become certified.  Courses on becoming a leather cleaning technician can be found by clicking here.

Once you’re set on how to clean leather you’re ready to begin marketing, but you’ll first want to know how much to charge. The leatherfollowing is just a guideline, though you’ll be able to adjust based on your market. Pigmented leather runs $15-$20 per foot for regular cleaning and $20-$30 per foot for heavier cleaning.  Nubuck leather runs around $25 for regular cleaning and $40 per foot for heavy soiled leather.  You can also offer repair and re-coloring services for extra income.  As mentioned above the average leather cleaning specialist generates $250-$500 per hour depending upon the size of the cleaning job.

Marketing you business to get customers isn’t very difficult as its an in-demand service with little competition.  Here are a 7 ways to market a leather cleaning business:

  1. Approach cleaning companies that aren’t currently offering leather cleaning services. Offer to pay them per referral and generate a flyer to help them advertise to their customers.  Repeat business is high so if you encourage semi-annual maintenance while doing the initial cleaning, your business multiplies each year.  Find 300 customers to do an annual $250 maintenance plan for their leather products and you have a $75,000+ business.
  2. Similar to approaching cleaning companies, approach car washes, carpet cleaning companies and any other non-competing cleaning service. This will help you grow your business much faster and doesn’t cost anything other than the referral fee you pay.
  3. Attend local home care shows and do live demo’s. Typically booths cost around $100 and if the show gets good traffic you’ll easily get enough business to recoup your minor cost.  Remember everyone has leather and no one knows how to clean it.  At the show make sure to do a raffel for a free cleaning of a chair and collect email addresses. Now set up an email marketing list to send out a monthly cleaning tip.
  4. Refer a friend discounts are valuable. Offer a free cleaning of a sofa for each referral you get.  Attend a local chamber of commerce when starting out and do a demo cleaning during a meeting. Again collect cards and offer a free cleaning to a lucky business owner and beging email marketing to them also.
  5. Social Media advertising works. Youtube demo’s (not many available), Pinterest and Facebook advertising to name a few.
  6. Lawn Signs are effective for advertising around the community.  Have a good call to action like a Free Leather Cleaning, Call Today. Place them throughout town.
  7. Handout flyers to Hotels, property managers and local doctor offices. Great opportunities for repeat business.

There are many other ways to advertise, though these won’t cost you anything and can really get your business going fast. Leather cleaning is not a saturated market. The opportunities and side income potential for this business is great.

Now its your turn, please share your thoughts in the comments below on this opportunity.

Wishing you Entrepreneurial Successes ~ The Self Employed King!