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Social Boom 2014 “Social Selling Made Simple” over-delivers big time with the amazing speaker line-up. Social Selling

If you missed Social Boom 2014 here’s a summary of what you missed and why you need to look out for their next conference in 2015.

So go grab a pen, paper and get ready to take some notes.

First the MC for the show and Co-Founder of Boom Social Terry Williamson was awesome. He kept the show well organized, asked the speakers the questions that were on all our minds and shared great data throughout the conference.

Kim Garst did an incredible job as always. She shared her entrepreneurial wisdom and brought in the best speakers from around the world who are having success with social selling.

Social Sellling Social BoomThe show was extremely well organized and the hotel Embassy Suites of Tampa did a phenomenal job in keeping the guests impressed.

The detail that the Boom Social team put into the show was amazing, all the way down to the photographer they hired for the show. 

They also brought in a young entrepreneur Mike Reed of American Barrels to share his journey. It’s always great to here about entrepreneurs like Mike who had a dream in his college dorm room of becoming an entrepreneur and then more importantly act on it. 

The best part of attending a social media conference is the people you meet. It’s great to make online connections, but when you can take it offline and meet people face-to-face that’s where the magic happens. I’m truly grateful to have met face-to-face many online friends that are now offline friends also.  


Its not social snooze conference, it’s #socialboom conference with @kimgarst

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 Let’s get to the social selling goods now: 

10 Entrepreneurs Share Social Selling Secrets Summary

How to Generate More Business From LinkedIn via Melonie Dodaro 

First, what an amazing topic to kick off the show. I absolutely love LinkedIn.

Melonie dazzled the audience with strategies we can use to kick butt using LinkedIn to grab more business.

First the average household income of a LinkedIn user is over $100,000 and compared to other social networks it’s 277% more effective for lead generation.

Melonie shared a 3 step formula for success:

  1. Get Found: Do this by optimizing your LinkedIn profile so that you’re more easily found and able to increase your number of connections.
  2. Engage: You’ve got to have a profile that speaks to your ideal client not at them. Remember WIIFM (what’s in it for me)
  3. Stand Out: Complete your entire profile and have a professional headshot.

I highly recommend checking out her website and making sure you’ve got a profile that is completely optimized to rank high in LinkedIn search.

Remember your Network is your Net Worth as Jim Rohn famously quoted and you can build an awesome network on LinkedIn.

She closed with an amazing quote that isn’t only applicable to LinkedIn but all Social Media networks:

“Don’t collect connections, build relationships” Melonie Dodaro

The Power Of Pinterest, Connect Your Passions with Your Profit via Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg Fitzpatrick rocked the audience with amazing reasons why our businesses can’t ignore Pinterest.

Here are 5 reasons you don’t want to ignore Pinterest:

  1. Pinterest is a major discovery engine.
  2. Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than any other social network.
  3. Pins shared on Pinterest have the longest shelf life compared to other social networks.
  4. Pins go to Google Search. Yes you can be found in Google from Pins!!!!!
  5. Customers can be just 1 click away from making a purchase.

Peg went over ways we can maximize our success using Pinterest as business owners.

One of my favorite quotes she shared was how Pinners are doers:

“98% of pinners tried something new from Pinterest” Peg Fitzpatrick

Why You Need To Break A Few Marketing Rules To Sell More On Social Media via Josh Parkinson

Josh Parkinson is a dynamic speaker who keeps his audiences engaged and informed.

He dispelled 3 myths:

  1. Produce only original content
  2. Produce only high-quality content
  3. Share content only once on each social platform

He shared how copying people and using their content can help you gain momentum for your own Social presence.

An example he used was a post of a popular quote that Kim Garst creatively redesigned and ended up reaching over 27 million people with no money spent on advertising and was shared over 750,000 times. WOW!!!!!

As for only posting high quality content he shared a simple blog post that had few details but yet received over 6000 shares.

Lastly, he shared how posting more frequently on social media (8-9 times per day on Facebook for them) actually increased weekly traffic and drove them tons of sales. If you’re not using Post Planner, check them out. 



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Grow Your Community. Instagram for Business via Sue B. Zimmerman

If you haven’t heard Sue B. Zimmerman speak you’re missing out.

She really not only delivers great content but keeps you highly engaged. Instagram is the fastest growing Social Media site in the world!

Sue was able to increase sales in her retail store by over 40% one summer and since has taken her mission around the world to teach other small business owners how they can experience the same success.

Sue shared tons of examples of everyday small business owners who are CRUSHING IT with Instagram and then went over 7 Steps for Success:

  1. You’ve got to have an amazing Bio
  2. You’ve got to have a Purpose when posting to Instagram (know it beforehand)
  3. Have a Hashtag strategy
  4. It’s all about Engagement
  5. Promote your account with other audiences
  6. Use Instagram’s Direct Message feature
  7. Lead people to where you want to do business with them (Use your URL creatively)

 How to Build An Audience that Converts Through Blogging via Ian Cleary 

Ian traveled from overseas to delight the audience not only with his impressive Irish dancing but also with the following 3 points:

  1. How to Build Blog Traffic
  2. How to Create & Promote great content
  3. How to Convert the traffic that visits your Blog

 Ian shared a ton of useful tools like:

Ian’s entire presentation was on how you’re planting the seeds to a beautiful garden/business when you create a beautiful blog consistently.

Ian concluded with the following Warren Buffett quote:

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

Turning Fans Into Customer with Visual Content via Donna Moritz

Donna kicked off her presentation like nothing I’ve ever seen before at a conference. She had the entire audience put on 3D glasses which was pretty cool to view some amazing images.

Social Selling Made Simple

Donna stressed the importance of great visual content and how when you do it well you can transport fans from any social platform back to your blog.

She shared the following visual hierarchy:

  1. Quotes (shareable)
  2. Tips (shareable)
  3. Photos  (shareable)
  4. How-To’s (Step-by-Step)
  5. Checklists (Step-by-Step)
  6. Tutorials (Step-by-Step)
  7. Infographics (showpieces)
  8. Slidedecks (showpieces)
  9. Short Video (showpieces)

 Lastly, she shared some amazing tools for helping in creating tremendous images:


“Don’t just make visual content people want to click on. Make it so good they’ll break glass to click through for more” Donna Moritz

The Quickest Way to Turn Facebook Fans Into Paying Customers via Nathan Latka

This is now the second week in a row I’ve heard Nathan speak. The previous week I attended his CreativeLive event in San Francisco where for 2 days we went over Facebook for Small Business.

Nathan went over 3 points during his awesome presentation:

  1. How to build engagement
  2. How to capture leads
  3. How to Drive Sales

There are over 30 million active Facebook fan pages as of Q3 2014 and that means there’s a lot of businesses, friends and family fighting for little space in the newsfeed.

You’ve got to ask for the like in your status updates more often so that you show up in more fans newsfeeds.

He shared a ton of examples on how to do this creatively, with one of my favorites being:

“Click like if you love Fridays! We’ll pick a winner at 2pm EST today and you’ll get 2 free movie tickets to your local theater to enjoy over the weekend”

Remember Nathan stressed: “You’ll never get what you don’t ask for”

Here were some of Nathan’s favorite tools he shared:

  • Edgar
  • SproutSocial
  • PostPlanner
  • HootSuite
  • Buffer
  • SocialOomph (personal favorite of mine)
  • Heyo
  • WooBox
  • Tabsite
  • AgoraPulse


To capture leads Nathan went over a great 6 step formula for running contest.

An important tip he suggested that I believe will be of value to all businesses is that if you’re looking to run a contest, don’t make the prize your service or product.

Lastly check out this tremendous tool Heyo has that can truly help you increase sales in your business today (click here).

Nathan’s presentation was gold as always and he concluded with the following quote I believe is applicable for any online or offline business:

“You’re wasting time on Facebook if you Don’t Understand How to Drive Sales” Nathan Latka

How to Use Twitter to Create Sales via Kim Garst 

Kim Garst is truly such a genuine amazing woman.

Her presentations are given from her heart and you can tell her passion for small business.

She started off by sharing the following quote: “Social Media is WORK! It requires time, patience and a PLAN!”

Twitter is fast and can be noisy we know so Kim suggested creating list and dividing them into:

  • Influencers
  • Customers
  • Prospects
  • Networking

Because it’s noisy remember people have choices and it’s not about you, it’s about them.  Listen more than you talk and help others solve their problems.

If you’re on Social Media and Twitter in particular just sharing Buy this, you won’t get anywhere!

You’ve got to give value with expecting nothing in return.

Remember Kim quoted: “Successful social media marketing is not built on impressions. It is built on relationships”

Here’s the 3 step formula that isn’t very hard for driving sales:

  1. Generate Traffic
  2. Get visitors to take action
  3. Create a Sale

 Kim concluded with talking about a few reasons why you should consider Twitter Ads:

  • It isn’t crowded like Facebook
  • It’s simple to learn how to use
  • Targeting is amazing
  • The ROI is Huge compared to Facebook

 Lastly, Kim recommended participating in Twitter Chats which she believes is widely underutilized. (hint, hint)

How I’ve Built a 7 Figure Business Using Content & Social Media Marketing via Emeric Ernoult 

Emeric’s message throughout his presentation was one of my favorite for entrepreneurs.

Emeric has had many lessons with setbacks in previous businesses and related to how many small business owners can feel crazy when starting.

He shared how most of the time you have no clue what the hell you’re doing until after you receive the lesson.

What really resonated with me is how he stressed as an entrepreneur it’s so important to enjoy the journey and not just the destination. You need to enjoy that journey because it’s 99.9% of the time you’ll spend and if you don’t enjoy it you’re more likely to fail.

Emeric stressed how important it is to work smart. Sure you’re going to work a boat load of hours when starting out but if you’re not utilizing those hours efficiently you’re wasting that investment.

He stressed tracking everything you do to make sure you’re having progress.

Here’s a few tools:

  • Google Analytics
  • Kissmetrics
  • Inspectlet
  • Intercom
  • Keyword Tool
  • HitTail
  • Google Webmaster
  • SEMRush
  • Quora

Knowing your analytics is so important. He shared an example of how Facebook sends him a ton of traffic compared to Twitter, yet Twitter traffic produces much more sales/revenue for his business.

If you just looked at Traffic you’d miss the opportunity of where the sales are coming. Look at everything, test it and iterate if needed.

How To Increase Traffic, Subscribers & Revenue via Syed Balkhi 

If you don’t know Syed Balkhi, you’ve got to follow this guy.

He’s a serial entrepreneur who receives over 400,000,000 visitors to his web properties. He has 6 million social media followers combined and over 1,000,000 websites use his plugins.

Here’s his 4 step process for increasing traffic, subscribers and revenue:

  1. Create a Workflow
  2. Smart Content Planning (solve problems)
  3. Effective Social Selling (don’t just share your blog post once)
  4. On-Site Optimization

Tools Recommended:

  1. Keyword Tool
  2. Twitter Advanced Search (one of my favorite)
  3. Headline Analyzer
  4. Yoast SEO
  5. Asana

My favorite quote of his:

“To win in Social Media You Have to Be Your Industry, Not Just Your Brand” Syed Balkhi


These 10 entrepreneurs came with the objective of helping small business owners become more powerful with social selling and they accomplished their objectives.

Kim Garst, Terry Williamson and the entire Boom Social team did an amazing job in over-delivering. This a must attend conference for small business owners in 2015. 

What’s your biggest take-away?