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The following entrepreneurs and social media strategist share How to use Pinterest for Business.

Pinterest for business marketing can be highly effective as Pinterest is one of the fastest growing Social Media sites that consumers spend high amounts of time on.  Studies are showing that consumers who engage on Pinterest with your small business are more likely to do business with you and spend more money with your business.

Much like American Action Adventure MacGyver, could save the day with just a stick of gum & piece of rope, Pinterest can teach you to build a dream house with nothing but foam wreaths, wine bottles and a glue gun.

The opportunities are endless on how to use Pinterest as part of your marketing strategies and you are only confined by the walls you build yourself!

I wrote a post 3 months back 51 Small Business Marketing Ideas and it has had over 177 Pins. Visitors from Pinterest to that post are spending over 5 minutes on my site, signing up for my weekly email and because of all the pins I’m now ranking for the keyword phrase I was competing for.

The following entrepreneurs share great advice and experiences to help you maximize your efforts with Pinterest. My parting tip for Pinterest to be an effective marketing concept is to be consistent. This quote says it all for Pinterest and all Social Media Marketing:

“My name is consistency, I am related to Success. We should hang out more than…every once in a while.”

Small Business Marketing Ideas14 Entrepreneurs Share How to Use Pinterest for Business

Heather Santo | Founder | The VA Geek

One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make when using Pinterest is too much of their own content. That includes just having boards with your own products and services.

Pinterest is a community platform and people will watch your boards to see if they see things of interest which includes pins from other people. It’s just like any other platform, too much of your own information and promoting looks spammy and boring.

heather santo

What you can do, however, is sanction certain boards that only contain your own material. For example, a blog post board with only your blog posts. You can create others in which you sprinkle your own, plus other people’s. This gives the readers a variety and provides value to them. If they find value in what you post they will repin, like and comment. Getting people to comment on Pinterest is a BIG deal and is highly valued.

Not sure what to repin from others? Search boards in your niche and follow them. Take a look through their boards and sporadically add their material to your exciting boards. You will have beautiful and content rich boards in no time!

Michelle Sanchez | Coach/Consultant/Strategist |Pinning Power Profits 

Pinterest is one of the hottest branding and marketing resources for business owners today! That is the reason why big brands are diverting major marketing dollars to creating strategic Pinterest campaigns. Target, Nordstrom and Kohl’s are just a few of the many big brands who are taking advantage of Pinterest power marketing. So it is important for small business owners to follow that marketing trend too.

One advantage that big brands have is that they have strategic branding and marketing experts working on their behalf. Small business owners must usually develop and implement their own branding and marketing strategies and most business owners do not have expertise in that area. So they jump on social media with no plan or strategy and after failed attempts to produce the desired results, they conclude that social media marketing does not work.

That is why I am so passionate about helping small business owners learn how to develop and implement power branding and marketing strategies, starting with a few power strategies from my “Top Pinterest Branding & Marketing Mistakes Business Owners Make & The Power Strategies to Fix Them” report:

Mistake: Using Personal Account Instead of Business Account

One of the top mistakes I see most often on Pinterest is that business owners jump on Pinterest with no branding and marketing plan or strategy. They start by setting up a personal account instead of a business account. Then they either set up a board or two about their company or brand and pin their ads like crazy to their boards – or they set up boards completely unrelated to their brand and go on a pinning rampage, pinning everything they see. Then they fail to connect with their target market and conclude that Pinterest does not work for business.

Power Strategy: The first power strategy for existing Pinterest users is to set up a new business account or convert your personal account to a business account if the existing content is appropriate and would not be offensive to your business target market. Once your business account is set up, follow the Pinterest instructions in the help section to get your website verified so that you can access Pinterest analytics on your account. It will become even more important to have a business account as Pinterest continues to roll out more and more business marketing features and resources in the future. Power Tip: Back up your Pinterest account using Pin4Ever before conversion.

michelle sanchez

Mistake: Not Using Power Keywords in Your Account Name/Title/Bio/Board Titles/Board Descriptions/Pin Titles/Pin Descriptions to Take Advantage of the Internal Pinterest Search and External SEO Benefits

Power Strategy: Set up or change your Pinterest account name to your brand/business name. Pinterest allows you to use your personal name and brand name in your account title. If you only use one name, it should be your brand. Your bio should also contain your list of brand/business power keywords. The characters are limited so it is important to make the most of every word. Board Titles are also critical and should be power keywords and phrases, not cute, clever or unusual names that will not be found in a search. Board Descriptions offer a lot of valuable marketing space to share your message about your brand, but it should be relevant to the board content to avoid looking like a spammer. Pin Titles or image names are a mistake most business owners make. Tests prove that pin image names show up in search results. So when creating or renaming images to pin, it is important to be sure to use your brand and power keywords to describe them [yourbrand-healthy-energy-drink-free-sample-offer]. Pin Descriptions offer another valuable marketing space to share your brand/products/services message, but it should be relevant to the pin.

Pinterest can become the most powerful branding and marketing tool for your business if you implement these few power strategies. To learn more ways to “Pin Your Passion & Turn Your Passion Into Profit”, please follow Pinning Power Profits on Pinterest at

Pamela Neher|Owner| Lala Valentine 

There are many creative ways to get your business seen online and great ways to do that using Pinterest for business.

This pin we provided as an example, was curated with our client A Monique Affair (an event planning company). It illustrates a few of the ways we help our clients use Pinterest to market their business.

Pamela Neher

In this example, our client provided us with this image and we created content to accompany a blog post which is aimed at positioning her as an expert in her field, while also promoting her business online.

Here, we cover 3 ways we advise clients to use Pinerest for their business: 

  1. Use text images that lead to valuable content. If you consistently maintain a blog on your website, one way to advertise that blog is by taking an image from it and layering descriptive text over the image (to layer text you can use Photoshop or something as simple as Microsoft Word). In this example, we use the title of the blog: “How to Create a Tablescape” to illustrate what the blog is about. When you pin your image, make sure you select the option to see the pin now, then edit your pin and enter the web address where people can find your blog post. Now when someone clicks your image on Pinterest, they are taken straight to your blog post, clocking in new website visits.
  2. Be thoughtful when it comes to writing your descriptions. Pinterest uses key words and hash tags to help users find subjects fast. It’s the reason you should take a little more time to plan what you will write in your caption. In our sample pin, the caption we created reads: “Tablescapes are pretty, elegant and make guests feel invited. Learn the basics for putting one together and making it glamorous! #weddings #tablesettings #linens #dishware #gold” We describe what our pin is about, and tag it with subjects that consumers might search for on Pinterest when looking for table setting ideas or wedding planning information. This is a simple technique that you can apply to any post.
  3. Take full advantage of the gift category. Our third tip makes use of a new category recently launched by Pinterest. Next time you’re pinning, take a look at the subject drop down menu to the left of the page and you’ll see a new category called “Gifts.” Whether your business has products or services, I’m about to let you in on a little secret. If you create original images that illustrate those services and you include a dollar sign with the amount you charge for those services (or products), that automatically puts your pin into the “gift” category. Now that’s what we call FREE valuable marketing.

Gary Kapustin | Social Media Manager | Goedeker’s

With Pinterest in particular, one of our strategies has been joining group boards that allow contributors. Some boards are open for anyone to join; others require submitting a request before you are approved for posting.

To make this strategy effective, we join niche boards that are relevant to our business and Home Life blog, which is where most of our content comes from. These boards have been about anything from interior design and home decorating to food and recipe sharing.

Between sharing on our own boards, adding to contributor boards, and maximizing our use of hash tags on pins, our content can be discovered through multiple channels.

Salman Aslam | Chief Marketing Officer | Omnicore Agency 

Here are few creative ways how to use Pinterest for Business:

  1. It’s not creative, but let’s just say it is a thumb rule that as experts we make sure we are on top of the changes the social platforms make.  The first thing to do on Pinterest is to Signup for a Business Account and apply for Pinterest Rich Pins so that you can use the platform in a professional manner.
  2. Make it your home ground.  We do this by showcasing our Team, Services, and marketing material. You can do that by doing the same and adding behind the scene photos to share your story of how you work.
  3. We create cover images for all of our posts which we share on our board and as we account more followers, we’ll leverage that to drive more traffic. Invest some time or money into designing images for your posts that will be unique for your brand.
  4. SEO, SEO and SEO – You can optimize everything for search and that is what we do, starting off by adding the keyword we want to rank for i.e Digital Marketing Agency next to our company name. We’ve researched what boards rank for keywords e.g Twitter Infographics, Content Marketing, Pinterest Infographics so now rather than having one board for Infographics we have several that targets those broad terms.
  5. Understand the platform like you own it. Pinterest is not a social sharing platform but a curation platform so understand the audience, what type of images they like and curate the best boards like DIY, Recipes, etc that will help you gain more followers and build up your account.

Stef Safran | Founder | Stef and the City

As a dating service, we utilize Pinterest by having a variety of boards that relate to dating and relationships in both obvious and non-obvious ways. These include celebrity couples, wedding ideas, date ideas, gift ideas for significant others, dating advice, and more! These boards all relate to dating in some way, which makes our Pinterest relatable and interesting to our followers.

A unique way we use Pinterest daily, is to link a “quote of the day,” which is an inspirational quote from our Pinterest board, to our Twitter. This allows us to utilize both of our popular social media accounts to gain more followers and create more awareness of our brand in the public.

Our followers appreciate this because it is an easy and small way to be motivational and connect on a personal level with them.

Hilary Hamblin | Marketing Consultant | Momentum Consulting

Hilary HamblinAs a marketing consultant to small and mid-sized businesses, we’ve been focusing on how to drive traffic to our social media sites and websites through content marketing.

In one case we work with a contractor and write blogs about home decor, energy saving ideas, home repair, home safety–anything a homeowner might be interested to read. When applicable, we create Pinterest boards related to the blogs. For instance, on a blog we wrote about filling in drafty spaces in your home, we then created a Pinterest board on how to make “draft snakes”. We cross promoted the blog from the board and the board from the blog.

Using Pinterest in conjunction with other content media likes blogs, presentations, videos, etc, can boost your credibility and traffic to all your online locations.

Kamila Gornia | Social Media Strategist | Kamila Gornia 

There is no one way that’s best to use Pinterest for business because each implementation would depend on the industry. Kamila Gornia

Something I have seen work great across industries however is repurposing content from the blog/website we already have and creating graphics that would correlate with that. We would create a graphic, make sure it’s shareable (includes text, a few images – a basic infographic setup), and we pin it through the upload option on Pinterest. Once it’s uploaded we simply input our website as the source on the pin to direct users to our website.

Nidhima Kohli | CEO | MyBeautyCompare

Pinterest is a great tool to gain traffic for your business as there is a large community of audiences with different interests. There are plenty of beauty lovers on Pinterest which we found to be very useful for MyBeautyCompare.

We also use Pinterest to include our daily blogs to get people to notice our site and thus, get more traffic. We find it also to be useful to learn what is on trend and what others are interested in so we can brainstorm ideas for our own content.

Ariel Dagan | Associate Broker |Keller Williams NYC

I use Pinterest to generate leads for my website! 

I am a realtor in Manhattan and my website is about apartments on the Upper East (a neighborhood in NY). I basically write blog posts on all the condo and coop buildings on the Upper East Side and post a photo of the building’s façade within that blog post. Before including the photo in the blog post I put it through a filter on to give it a nice vintage effect. I then link that blog post of the building to my page on Pinterest.

I’ve generated multiple leads from this to my website. I have also created a good amount of backlinks and social signals to my website that has greatly helped with my SEO.

Janet Barclay | Owner | Organized Assistant

When Pinterest started up, I thought it would be a great way for my professional organizer clients to showcase their organizing projects and their favorite organizing products. I joined the site and created a few boards to get a feel for how it works, and quickly discovered that I could use it to promote my own business as well.

I’ve created a number of boards related to the services I offer and other areas of interest to my target market. I’ve strategically placed these at the top of my profile, followed by boards related to personal development, lifestyle, places, then finally my personal interests. Within each section, the boards are arranged alphabetically, both to help me find information that I’ve pinned, and because I believe having things in alphabetical order will appeal to the organizers in my audience. Just for fun, every board but one has a two-word alliterative title.

I don’t find Pinterest as “social” as other social media sites, but I do follow my clients and other organizers and engage with them by repinning their content if it fits into one of my board topics.

Pinterest is now the #1 source of visitors to my website, not counting organic search and direct traffic.

Parisnicole Payton | Owner | The PNP Agency

I utilize the Pinterest platform to showcase my skills, creative ideas, talents and expertise by advertising and marketing my business and clients during events.

Pinterest is the new social media trend; whereas, it gives people the quick eye “visual” of what your business entails, as well as allowing you to share your personal interests such as fashion, clothes, makeup, etc. In addition, you can be creative with displaying short videos and pictures to demonstrate your product and services.

Due to my Pinterest profile, after Super Bowl XLVIII in New York, I have received over 17 inquiries about my public relations services, and I am in the process of securing several new clients.

The measurable result in using Pinterest has been the consistency of showcasing myself as a publicist at events while providing public relations to a few NFL players.
As a master networker and public relations expert, in using social media, you must be flexible, entertaining, engaging and provide an influence that will attract a massive audience.

Crystal L Kendrick | President | The Voice of Your Customer

As a marketing firm, we do not have a very artistic or visual business; however, we are beginning to use Pinterest more and more. Initially, we struggled to find content that we thought would be of interest to our target customers or the community in general; however with so many women from the Midwest (our target geography) actively using Pinterest, we knew that we had to develop a strategy.

To begin, we had to realize that we were not just a marketing firm but that we were also seen in the community as a successful small, minority and woman owned business; a donor to local charities and a resident of the local business community. Once we understood how our customers viewed us, we were able to develop a strategy for using Pinterest.

Today, our posts include the following images:

  1. Infographics related to the marketing industry
  2. Infographics related to small, minority and woman owned businesses
  3. Jokes that may be appropriate in the workplace ( is a great resource)
  4. Promotional materials for events that we attend or when our leaders are invited as guest speakers
  5. Images of our community service and philanthropy
  6. Images of founders/leaders in our industry
  7. Promotional materials for industry events and conferences
  8. Images of the community where we are located
  9. Logos of new customers
  10. Logos for awards and recognitions we received

Creating meaningful and engaging content on any social media platform is not easy for most small businesses. Each social media platform is different. That means that viewers look for and at the content very differently.

It is ok for small business owners to start slow, monitor the activity of competitors and target customers, and begin to develop a strategy for Pinterest over a period of time. It is not reasonable to think that small business owners in non-artistic industries will begin to use Pinterest with multiple boards, daily posts and many followers.

Mike Provitera | Author | Mike Provitera

I recently published a book on motivating people for success titled “Mastering Self-Motivation.”

I was looking for a way to present my book and also showcase the dynamic social media site called Pinterest. I selected the pins that related to my product and then took the audience through a presentation on how to use Pinterest to sell or showcase your product. I created a video and placed it on youtube for people to learn not only how to use Pinterest but also how to showcase a product. I created a road-show for my product that can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

Pinterest is often used by women but men are beginning to catch on and are finding Pinterest to be a great resource to find great pictures, learn more things, and add a powerful search engine to their repertoire of social media.

There you have it, 14 social media strategist and entrepreneurs shared different ways how to use Pinterest for Business. Please share in the comments below if you use this as part of your marketing strategies and any tips you have that weren’t mentioned. 

Wishing you Entrepreneurial Successes! 

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