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So you’re ready to move forward with a drop shipping business? 

This week we’ve shared a ton on drop shipping: 

  1. 3 Reasons Drop Shipping a Good Opportunity
  2. The 5 Pains of Starting a Drop Shipping Business
  3. How to Find Drop Shipping Companies to Work With
  4. 8 Common Drop Shipping Business Questions

All these post were the result of an older post I wrote months ago on how I started my drop shipping business in the beginning. 

Since writing that post and having successes (and many lessons), I coach people weekly on this topic.

We’ve covered all the common topics that come up when speaking with entrepreneurs, except how one goes about marketing their drop shipping business.

Having marketing concepts in place is crucial for the success of your business. So many new drop shippers I speak with didn’t have marketing plans in place and thus struggle. You can build the most beautiful site in the world with the lowest prices, but if you don’t know how to get them to your site it doesn’t matter.

9 Ways for Marketing A Drop Shipping Business

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) was one of the leading drivers in the beginning of our business.

Prior to running this business I had little experience on running any PPC campaigns. The learning curve was absolutely HUGE and I easily blew through over $10,000+++ learning how to do it correctly.

When our company grew we tried outsourcing this to professional PPC managers and unfortunately had little success with them and would end up taking it back in house. First, many charged high management rates and they typically would also charge a percentage of what we’d spend. Because we were spending over $100,000 the fees really added up and the performance wasn’t close to what we did in house. We tried many firms both in the United States and outside, though none could match. Not to discredit them, but many didn’t know the market we were in and couldn’t adjust for seasonality or manufacturer promotions which we’d piggy back to gain exposure.

If you’re looking to really get your drop shipping business going fast, this is probably one of the fastest ways to drive sales.

Natural Organic Traffic

Looking back this is one marketing idea I wish I had focused on earlier. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

We had a company blog though didn’t blog often in the beginning. 

I wrote about this before but organic traffic can continue to build and drive traffic over time compared to PPC campaigns. PPC you’ll continue to invest in forever where you’ll benefit years later from content you created years before.  

Video Marketing Marketing A Drop Shipping Business

Doing video reviews is another great way to drive traffic to your drop shipping business. 

5 ways to mix up the videos: 

  1. Video Review of the product
  2. Demonstration of how to use the product
  3. Demonstration how to assemble
  4. Demonstration how to repair
  5. Video Comparing competitive products

Email Marketing

Create an email newsletter to send out on a regular basis. Though coupon emails can work, try to come up with a strategy to help the reader with content they’d be interested in. 

When you know your customer avatar and what it is they’re interested in, you can offer other value outside of your product alone. This is where relationships are built. 

Try to have something of value on your website to offer in exchange for an email. Don’t just have a plain boring email sign-up. Make an ebook, PDF or some other type of valuable giveaway in exchange for their email. 

If you don’t have customers yet, post your give-away on Facebook with promoted post or on Twitter to start capturing emails earlier. 


Part of our great success early on in our drop shipping business was doing direct mail marketing. 

In the beginning we did this real cheap by just printing out a flier, folding it and mailing. At night my children would fold up 100 each and we’d mail them out. When this began to work, we invested with professional companies. 

I’m a big fan of PostcardMania who will help you with everything from design, print, lists to mailing.


We spent a lot of money on SEO and this is something that can be very effective, though like every niche you need to be careful. There are a ton of scammers and we lost a lot of money initially.

We were paying one company $2,500 month to manage our SEO and months later after thinking they weren’t working I changed their password to our site. They still billed us the following month saying they had done onsite work, not knowing we changed the password.

Make sure the company is reputable or spend the time to learn it yourself as I did.  

Shopping Sites

Shopping sites like Google Shopping, Shopzilla, PriceGrabber, Amazon Product Ads, Become, Nextag and several others can send you large amounts of traffic on a CPC (Cost Per Click).

When I started back in 2008 Google Shopping was actually free and drove us huge amounts of traffic. That changed unfortunately and now its a CPC model and they’ve had a revenue share model also that you only pay a percentage based on a sale. 

Shopping sites are expensive and if you have many, are difficult to manage. You can use third party sites that will help you manage your listings like GoDataFeed and others. 


Traffic is expensive to get so you want to make sure you’re maximizing your opportunities and conversions. 

Today retargeting is easy to do especially with Facebook. You simply place some code on your site and when a visitor leaves your page (which 90%+ will) you can show them an ad to get them back to your site in their Facebook newsfeed. 

Existing Customers

You need to have some type of word of mouth or referral policy in place and market it heavily. Plus if you know the cost to attract a customer (which you better) you can offer discounts to existing customers to get them back to shop again. 

Repeat business and referrals became very powerful for us 2 years into our business. We started an outbound call campaign to check in with customers who fit the profile of possible repeat business. They were blown away by the service they received from an online company and would typically place an order on the spot. 

Having good Customer appreciation policies in place goes a long way in bringing a surviving business to a thriving business. 


So if you were to ask me which of the 9 ways of marketing a drop shipping business was the best, I’d say you really want multiple strategies. Short-term immediate success will come from PPC campaigns, but it’s terribly expensive long-term. Make sure if you’re using PPC that you are capturing your traffic’s information for remarketing purposes. Don’t depend on just one strategy, use multiple to succeed in this business. 

If you want help starting a  home based business with some of my best proven ideas or further questions on drop shipping, let’s connect. 

Wishing you Entrepreneurial Successes! 

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