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9 blog tips

Let’s discuss why we love blogging for business and why you should also.

Just over a year ago I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do when I sold my 2 businesses, so I decided to start a blog in my spare time. 

Within 7 months that blog was was getting 5,000 visitors a month and built me an email list of over 1,000 subscribers interested in learning different ways to grow a business. 

I still wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but now I had an audience to survey and help me design my next business. 

Blogging has been a tasty ingredient I’ve used in helping me grow my last 2 businesses.

With my local cleaning company we dominated local search for major keyword phrases and it was a big contributor to helping my company provide over 50,000 cleans throughout all of South Jersey.

Seeing how powerful blogging was for my cleaning business, when I started my online company in 2008 I decided to continue blogging and writing about various products we sold. 

Within 1 year, one product we wrote about frequently (along with doing quick video demos) dominated page one of Google Search. We had positions on page one of Google for the product, blog articles, video demo’s and parts for the product. The manufacturer of the product actually got upset that they were pushed to the bottom of page one. 

With just this one product, blogging helped us sell over 100 units minimum a week and grossing over $500,000 a year in just this one product. It also helped us obtain new customers who then purchased other office supplies on a regular basis. 

I share this because blogging for business works and I want you to see the opportunities that it can open up when you take the time to blog for your business. 

I often hear business owners I coach complain that they just don’t have the time to blog, yet they want to discuss ways they can start marketing their business to increase sales? 

Yes blogging takes time, but the long term reward is substantial. 

Once you put the effort into blogging it continually pays you back long-term. 

Compare blogging to PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising. Yes PPC can drive you immediate sales for your product or service, but you continually have to pay Google to show up on PPC. PPC is an ATM for Google. 

When you blog and rank well for your blog, you’ve now created an ATM for your business. 

Blogging and PPC together help you dominate page 1 of Google and that my friend will drive you large amounts of business. 

So if you’re ready to begin blogging, let’s make sure you do it correctly. 

9 Tips on Blogging For Business

Key Word Research

Take the time to do keyword research using the Google Keyword Planner tool.

This tool is free and super valuable. 

Take the time to search for keywords that have a search volume of 100-500 a month.  These are much easier to rank for. 

To many people that actually do keyword research will go for keywords that have 1000’s of searches a month and these are very difficult to rank for. 

Blogging For Business

Search Google For The Keyword Phrase

Type the search phrase into Google for the keyword you’re trying to rank for to see who else is ranking currently. 

I suggest installing MozBar which is a great free SEO Toolbar from Moz. 

This will help you see the Authority of the websites that are currently ranking for the keyword phrase. The higher the authority the harder it is to outrank that site. 

Don’t get to hung up here on this step. 

While you’re on Google also scroll to the bottom and look at the related search suggestions. You’ll want to use some of these phrases in your blog if it makes sense. 


Include Images

Make sure to include images throughout your blog and most importantly make sure you have the rights to the image. Don’t just take images from the internet, as you can risk getting fined. 

Also make sure that when you include an image save the image file as the keyword phrase you’re trying to compete for or with multiple images use related search phrases mentioned above as the image file name. 



benefits of blogging for business


Title and Tagging 

Make sure that you include your keyword phrase in your headline and in the permalink as shown in the image below this. 

blogging for business communication

5 Additional Tips

Make sure to also do the following: 

  1. Include tags that are relevant and targeted towards your Keyword Phrase.
  2. Download the All in One SEO or Yoast Plugin. I personally use All in one SEO, but both are great. 
  3. Link between other blog post you’ve written that are relevant. For instance if you’ve written on Marketing Strategies, link to that article in your new post. 
  4. Inbound links are social proof to search engines. The best way to increase inbound links is write good content. Even if you’re a small local business, if you’ve written a good piece of content other local businesses will link to it. Be creative and keep the content GREAT.
  5. Link out to other relevant articles that have good Page Rank authority by Google. There’s an extension tool that tells you the Page Rank of a page or link to articles by well known websites (Forbes, ESPN, Government Sites….)


Hopefully you see how blogging for business can truly help you in the long run. There are many other strategies to help you rank your blog well on Google, but these are the major ones.

If you don’t have the time to do this, consider having a marketing company do this for you. Many SEO providers will include blogging as a part of their service or you can hire content writers inexpensively yourself.

Either way blogging is essential and shouldn’t be ignored. In the long run you’ll dominate Google and see continuous traffic to your website.

If you’ve got a good website, you should see an increase in phone calls, leads and ultimately more revenue for your business. 

How often are you blogging in your business today?