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Imagine if you could obtain endless leads for your business? love twitter search

Better yet, imagine if you could obtain endless leads for your business for free?

Guess what, you can using advanced Twitter Search.

The Twitter search engine is incredible and can be used by both large corporations and local small business owners.

There are over 500,000,000 Tweets sent each day alone according to Twitter and you’ve got a ton of your prospects:

  1. Complaining about competitors
  2. Asking questions about your product or service
  3. Asking questions for help about your product or service
  4. Sharing how much they love your product or service

Advanced Twitter Search

Here’s The 10 Advanced Twitter Search Fields

All of these Words

Enter more than one word to search for.

Example: I need a haircut

Twitter Advanced Search

Result: Here’s a Tweet that comes up

Twitter Advanced Search Christi


Imagine being a Florida local hair salon that starts a conversation with Christi?

This Exact Phrase

In this field you can type in an exact phrase you’d like results for.

Notice above how I searched “I need a haircut” in All These Words Field and got that awesome example of Christi looking for a haircut. Had I typed that query into “This Exact Phrase” it wouldn’t show up because she spelled haircut “Hair Cut”.

Any of These Words

You can search for multiple phrases or words in this field.

Just separate each query by typing in “Or” or leave a space.

None of These Words

You can use this field to eliminate search results with certain words.

For instance, if you’re looking to eliminate competitors’ results from showing consider typing in this: “http: or www.”

You’d want to eliminate these results as competitors will include links vs. someone asking a question won’t include a link.


I love searching this area using popular Hashtags used in my niche.

If you’re unsure of what the popular hashtags are visit Hashtagify.

Written In

This area is good if you’d like to only search for results in your language. This will help eliminate a lot of the noise on Twitter.

From These Accounts

Use this area to find usernames

To These Accounts

Use this area like you would “From These Accounts”

Mentioning These Accounts

You can search just one User Handle or multiple in this area for mentions


Location is one of my favorite features to search, especially if you’re a local business.

Using that example above for the “Haircut”, Christi is a local Tampa Florida resident (or sent that Tweet while local).  If you’re a local hair salon you could have started a great conversation with Christi.

Be creative because if you’re a Lawyer, Doctor, Realtor, Restaurant or any local service based business; realtime conversations are being had about wanting your product or service.

If you see the value in this and aren’t able to monitor this as much as you’d like, consider using software. Companies like Twilert can do this for you and email you when realtime discussions are going on based on the queries you’d like.


Twitter Advanced Search

When you hit search after doing a query in Twitter Advanced Search, Twitter will show Top results as shown in the image above. To see realtime discussions switch to “All” so you’ll see the most recent Tweets vs. what Twitter says is “Popular”.

Also you’ll see in the image above that on the left hand side you have other choices to refine your search results. You can refine your search to just video or photos and much more.

One last feature that is worth noting is the ability to use various commands inside of the Twitter Advanced Search area that will help give you better results.

This image below shows you various commands you can use:

Advanced Twitter Search Commands


Twitter for business is phenomenal and a gold mine for leads when you take the time to search and engage.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, prospects are online having discussions and you can join in on the discussion and easily not only get more Twitter followers but better quality followers which is key.

Are you using Advanced Twitter Search in your business? If so please share below how you’ve had success with Twitter search or how you’ll use it going forward.