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Are you seeing amazing results with your Twitter marketing strategy?

Twitter for business is phenomenal and when you implement a strategic marketing strategy you can see tremendous results with this Social Media platform.

Here are 5 tips to help you see better results when implementing Twitter into marketing your business.   


twitter resultsAnalytics

Twitter recently launched an analytics dashboard similar to Google Analytics.

The data is rich and as Peter Drucker famously quoted: “What get’s measured gets managed”

You can review so much great data like:

  • Number of Links Clicked over the last 28 days compared to the previous 28 days
  • Number of Retweets over the last 28 days compared to the previous 28 days
  • Number of impressions each month compared to a previous month
  • Number of replies
  • Follower growth
  • Top countries and states you have followers in
  • Top interest of all of your followers


Take some time to review all your data and really focus on making sure what you’re sharing is matching up with the top interest of your followers.

To get to your analytics simply:

  1. Click on your “Profile Settings”
  2. Click on “Twitter Ads”
  3. Click on “Analytics”
  4. Review both Tweet activity and Followers

Include Images

Tweets that include images see much greater activity compared to Tweets that don’t.

Consider including “Calls to Action” inside the images.

A great new tool to help you make images rapidly that fit perfect inside of your Tweets is Spruce.

I love this tool. It’s super easy to use and in seconds you can put together a great image using this amazing tool.

Check out this quick video tutorial on how to use Spruce:

Social Quant

Social Quant is one of my favorite Twitter tools. 

Social Quant builds you a large Twitter following rapidly, but what’s more impressive is it provides you back the data on why individuals are following you back. You learn what keywords associate the best with your audience so now you can use that data on other Social Media sites, on your website or other marketing materials.

You can really build up a big following of very qualified profiles to network with using Social Quant.


As shared in a previous post, do you share other people’s content on Social Media?

If you do than you need to check out Sniply and create some amazing CTA’s that can also get people back to your website even when sharing others content.

Again like Spruce, Sniply is free and Amazing!


If you’re strategically following those you’d like to network with using ManageFlitter, make sure to layout your page well.

When you follow someone on Twitter, many will come back to look at your profile.

Make sure to do the following:

  1. Edit your profile and make sure that it’s appealing to the type of Avatar you’re looking to connect with.
  2. Have a great profile photo
  3. Take time to have a branded Twitter cover created.
  4. Pin a Tweet to the top of your profile that will again appeal to the type of Avatar you’re connecting with on ManageFlitter. When they visit your profile have the pinned Tweet have a great sized image and message that your Avatar would want to share. Give them a reason to follow you on Twitter.


I believe Twitter is one of the best Social Media sites you can use to see rapid results in your business when you use it strategically.  

Make sure to implement the 5 tips above and see your Twitter results skyrocket! 

What’s your favorite marketing strategy when using Twitter?