Twitter for business marketing is an absolute gem.  

Personally I’ve always had great success building different businesses with connections made on Twitter for myself and other businesses.

Instead of just sharing my experiences, I went to HARO to ask other business owners how they use twitter for business marketing. The response was overwhelming.   If you’re not familiar with HARO and you own a business, you need to begin using this amazing free tool. 

Over 50 different responses were shared. These are 15 unique ways large and local small businesses use Twitter to help grow their business and you can also. 

Here are 5 takeaways before letting these amazing entrepreneurs share their successes: 

  1. Be Social and don’t use Twitter to consistently promote your business. Remember its a “Social” network.
  2. Don’t worry about building a large number of followers, build good quality connections first.
  3. If you’re in sales (even a local service business) use Twitter to stalk (yes stalk) your prospects. Learn about them in a non-creepy way before making a connection.  Many of the respondents (myself included) said they spend time looking at prospects Tweets to learn more about them and make a personal connection. Don’t creep the prospects out by saying you’re stalking them on social media, but form a bond in a human way on something you can connect with them. Prospects appreciate knowing you’re doing your homework to better serve them.
  4. Learn to use the Twitter advanced search tool. You can really do a ton with it. 
  5. Find followers who fit your customer.  If you’re a local business serving local homeowners, follow local homeowners and share content about the local neighborhood so they have a reason to follow you. (check out this post on 16 ways to use Twitter for business if you’re a local business owner).  Have a strategy vs. randomly following everyone. I like to use a tool called Social Quant, which can help you not only get more Twitter followers, but find targeted followers who’ll engage more with you on Twitter.

 15 Entrepreneurs Share How They Use Twitter For Business 

Nikki Means, CEO | Project Socialize 

We have found success growing our clients’ twitter following through participating in Twitter Chats and Nikki MeansParties. These chats allow businesses to connect with other businesses, showcase your industry expertise and build relationships. There are often many Twitter Chats and Parties to choose from. We have found that it is just as important to attend industry specific chats and parties as well as customer centric chats and parties that draw your target audience. When it comes to Twitter and other social media sites, relationship building is key and Twitter Parties and Chats help you do just that.

Nnenna Ferguson, Digital Communication Specialist | Boogie Graphics, LLC

Nnenna FergusonWorking in marketing and communications I’ve found Twitter to be a great tool for stalking. I don’t mean to sound like a creep, but most of my industry colleagues would agree that social media targeting is a lot like stalking. As the Digital Communication Specialist for Boogie Graphics one of my main jobs is to understand who our target audience is and how we can best connect with them. Twitter’s advanced search tool allows me look for people in our area talking about needing a logo or wanting to revamp their website. This tool has landed us a few projects in social media as well as web and brand development. And don’t get me started on Followgen, a tool that automatically favorites tweets with specific key phrases in them. This tool keeps us involved in live conversations happening during inconvenient work times.

Carolina Zapata | Online Presence Manager | Webcore TechnologiesCarolina Zapata

Insights to how to use Twitter for Business outside the norm:

  1. Use Twitter to listen to conversations about what your target audience needs and respond by answering their question. For example, John Doe tweets that he needs a moving company to move his home from North Carolina to Austin, TX. You are a shipping/ moving company and you respond to that tweet with a your current promotion and a call to action that lets them contact you or go directly to the website.
  2. Use Twitter as a means for immediate customer service. If someone mentions your brand or business, respond asking for their contact information to solve their problem.
  3. Use Twitter for feature requests if you have a product. This gives you direct access to customers that are already using your product. These customer insights won’t cost you any money (while other market research can amount to a lot) and customers will appreciate you taking their ideas into consideration. This is a win-win.
  4. Run promotions on Twitter to measure the impact in a controlled environment.
  5. Use Twitter to recruit new employees. Post job openings and much more.

Twitter is simply a great method of communication.

Brian Schutt


Brian Schutt | Owner | Homesense Heating & Cooling

We’ve utilized Twitter for our business since staring in 2009.

A tip I share with any small business considering creating a twitter presence is that it’s an engagement and relationship tool, not an advertising tool. As a result, we use a 90 – 10 rule (90% of our tweets are not HVAC related).

Our primary purpose is to engage people in our community about topics of shared interest. We build connections that then allow our business related tweets to have a captive audience.

Soyoung Hwang | Co-Founder | HealthKeep, Inc.

Twitter gives me a chance to learn about what’s important to other people and therefore what kind of message has a better chance to resonate withSoyoung Hwang them when I’m first reaching out. This also says hey I did my homework and I’m reaching out to you as a unique individual versus I’m being creepy stalking you online.

Basically, as a fairly new player in the game I don’t have as many established professional connections as would be ideal. I need to get inventive with how I reach out to people to even get them to open that first email so we can talk about collaborating on something for HealthKeep. This is where scouring their Twitter feeds comes in handy.

Also, as far as spreading knowledge goes, Twitter helps with rapid dispersion of information. Social media can give the everyday internet user a chance to become an information curator and you see that on Twitter.

It really helps me just even keep up with the field and get at least a snapshot of what some of the big name players are reading.

Margaret ColebeckMargaret Colebeck | Marketing Manager | Vantage Advertising, LLC 

One way we use Twitter is by getting involved in Tweetchats.

Tweetchats help us to get to know industry experts and professionals in our field. By joining in on these weekly conversations we are able to build relationships and have valuable conversations about our industry with other industry professionals. It’s a great way to share ideas and build brand awareness surrounding our brand.

Phillip Alexeev | CEO | Pro-Motions Marketing Inc Phillip Alexeev

We have integrated dedicated Twitter campaigns into several of our projects.

One of the most interesting methods in which we have used Twitter was through programming it’s API to auto-respond to users tweeting certain keywords. This project was commissioned by a Real Estate Agency seeking to send users tweeting about geo-specific housing & Commercial Real-estate to a dedicated landing page. The results of this were phenomenal, because we managed to achieve an average click through conversion rate of 37%.

Jonathan Bentz | Marketing Manager |Netrepid 

Jonathan BentzThis is some insight on how we’re using Twitter to grow a specific area of our business (reselling & partners).

We are actively using Twitter to connect with software developers and companies that sell companion services to our hosted web and application services.

In our most successful example, GSX Software, a company that manufactures server-monitoring software filled out our partner application following a tweet we sent to them in July.

After they followed our company, we reviewed their software and tweeted that CIOs around the world should take notice of how their server monitoring software and our hosted solutions could be a great fit for businesses. They engaged us and then became a partner applicant.

Following a series of meetings, we are currently co-marketing partners. They are using our expertise and growing a following on the web to grow their presence in the US. We are able to tap their network of customers who are considering a move to having their applications hosted.

Marley Majcher | CEO | The Party Goddess Marley Majcher

Have a Twitter Party

It is free, simple and very effective. It helps establish you as an expert with people in your field and your reach is limitless and in “real time” 

  1. Determine who your target audience is and what need you can fill for them.
  2. Create a theme and title to catch their eye 
  3. Promote the party through Social Media Channels. Use Twitter through “like-minded” followers and consistently use trending hash tags. On Facebook promote to your fans, include useful information they will share with their fans. Partner with another expert to promote and share your expertise during the party. Invest in a few small sponsored posts to promote on Facebook.  
  4. Provide a call to action at the end of the party  (Sign up for my …. as an example). 

Nellie Akalp



Nellie Akalp | CEO | CorpNet 

Stay transparent.

I’ve found that if I push our services & products my followers are not engaged or interested.

However, when I retweet tweets that have to do with my industry or try and join conversations to be helpful, its great. I do share blog posts I’ve written that followers find useful and they are much more inclined to respond to me.

I still share the occasional press release or news item, but I make a point to really be personable and transparent in all of the tweets shared by my company and myself.

Jon Rhodes | Founder | HypnoBusters Jon_Rhodes

A good tactic I use with Twitter marketing is to engage in conversations. I might ask a question or respond to other peoples Tweets. If I get an interesting and informative conversation going with several people, I will use screen capture software to take a screen shot of this conversation. This can then be used as the basis of a blog post. 

Of course I ask everyone who contributed for his or her permission to publish this conversation. They always say yes as it is some free publicity for them. 

The really great thing is that when I publish the post I let all the contributors know. Naturally most people Tweet the post for you, since they are involved. This usually increases your posts visits, plus wins you some new Twitter followers.

George BradburyGeorge Bradbury |Founder | Bradbury & Partners

Bradbury is an Executive Recruiting company for the Mortgage Industry. Engagement is key on Twitter.

We always search for tweets or conversations that include questions. For example, we enter the term “mortgage” followed by a space and then? (the question mark). This will return recent tweets that are asking questions on the topics of mortgages.

Our recruiting firm takes pride in knowing the mortgage lending business, so we answer those questions and provide insight. This not only results in more followers; it also elevates your online reputation.

Jamie M. Curtis | Fashion Publicist | White Horizon PR Jamie M. Curtis

Twitter has become an invaluable resource for me as a fashion publicist. I can easily find and connect with members of the media, fashion bloggers, digital influencers and contacts. Without Twitter, it would take me an enormous amount of time to find some of these contacts.

More importantly, I am able to interact with members of the media, fashion press, share news and engage in industry discussions. This adds to my agency’s brand credibility and also helps me gain traction with targeted contacts.

Liran HirschkornLiran Hirschkorn | Founder| BestLifeQuote

I use Twitter search for hashtags. 

Twitter hashtags help me engage with others in conversations related to my industry/business. Using the advanced search around the keywords that apply to my business can really create great opportunities! 



I stalk people, in a nice way :). I just get so much information regarding client’s, competitors, journalists and news that I need for my business. I have a private list that I call (jokingly) Stalking. I check that first to find out what the people I need to know about are tweeting.

There you have it 15 different entrepreneurs share how they use Twitter for business marketing. If you’re unsure how to actually get started using Twitter I put together a free 6 part video series how to use Twitter

Now it’s your turn. Share in the comments below how you use Twitter to help your business or a question you may have?

Wishing Entrepreneurial Successes! Self Employed King